About Me

Hi, welcome to bohomama.dk. My name is Eva. I am a sociologist. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. with my husband and my son, who was born in 2013.

I secretly dream of buying a caravan and just living on the road like a nomad. But I am also a creature of comfort and I really love living in Copenhagen, so It is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

I love wearing long flowing dresses. Traveling to far of places. Reading, writing and painting. I am a huge fan of the British writer Virginia Woolf. And the whole history and philosophy behind the Bloomsbury group has fascinated me for many years.

dressing like a bohomama
This i s a good example of how I look a home,

I love cooking food from scratch, finding new recipes and pinning them on Pinterest. If I had a garden it would be full of vegetables, but we live in a apartment on the second floor. So my garden space is limited. (I do try to have potted herbs and flowers on the balcony).

I am a feminist, and as such I believe in equality for all and I place great importance in treating my surroundings with respect. That also applies to children. So I strive to practice mindful parenting. It is NOT always easy. Nobody is perfect. Least off all me. But I believe that we can come a long way away from the traditional authoritarian way of raising children, if we try to be mindful of the way we act in everyday life. If you want to know more about my feminist beliefs click here.

I am not a hippie, a vegan or live in a commune in the country (not that there is anything wrong with any of those choices) I live a pretty ordinary life. I am a stay at home parent. An aspiring minimalist and recovering coffee addict and I own way to much clothes.

I am always looking for tips and research into this parenting thing. trying to figure out how to live well with children.

On Bohomama I share everyday life, small things and big. The happy aspects of being a parent and the difficult ones. I guess you could call this an online diary of my life as a bohemian mama.

Welcome to my corner of the happiest country on earth.

With love, Eva

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