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Valby, Copenhagen

July 25, 2017

D had the day of from kindergarten today. And we used the day to go on a little outing to one of my favorite neighboorhoods in Copenhagen. We took the train to Valby. An relatively quiet area of Copenhagen. But with many small shops and coffee houses with outdoor service. Especially around the main shopping street Valby Langgade. It is definitly worth exploring the small sidestreets along Valby Langgade also. Where you can find really old houses dating back to the 18th century. One example is the public library in the picture below. It is housed in a building from 1887.

At the end of main shoppingstreet you can visist the old headquarters of  Carlsberg. The have a very good tour of the grounds with a beer tasting included. Yumm. Maybe not appropriate if you are in the company of small children, But I have taken the guided tour several times with friends visiting. You can pet the brewery horses and see the remains of the original brewery. See more here. http://www.visitcarlsberg.com

After strolling around in the old part off Valby, looking at qaunt antique houses. We went to a coffee house in an outdoor shopping mall, called Spinderiet.

All in all a nice day. Even though the sky was overcast and grey.

you can see a comprehensive overview of Valby here http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/upcoming-valby


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