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May I present our cat, Chuck Norris

July 17, 2017

This is our cat, Chuck Norris. Named after another redhead. He is one year old. The first 7 months of his life he lived with an old lady in the suburbs. She had to move house and that is why we found him in an ad in the paper. We fell in love and took him home with us to live.

He is feisty and cuddly, curious, playful and a great sleeper. He loves to play with D in the morning. Is always hungry and not shy. When he wants our attention he just lies down at our feet, so we nearly trip over him.

He loves to join us at the bathroom and he drinks water out of the faucet. strange kitty. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Or at least we know for sure his mother is. The father is unknown. D loves to play with him. Sometimes a little too much and a bit to forcefully. He tries to take care of him like a baby and cover him with blankets, feed him, give him toys etc. Chuck never hisses at him when it is too much, he just gets up, looks at D with overbearing eyes and walks away.


It can be a bit difficult though, to work on the computer, with a cat in the house. As you can see on the picture. He often feels a need to take a nap on the computer just when I am using it. But it is quite adorable, so I let him.

I really like having a cat in the house. He is always happy to see me and greets me at the door when I have been out. Petting him calms me down when I am anxious. And he always senses when I am sad and comes to comfort me.  I love you kitty cat. just please stop chasing my ankles, seriously, please stop.


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