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Postcard from the Beach 

July 17, 2017

We Woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping, a blue blue sky and a happy sun shining away.  Thus motivated to go outside, we packed up the car and drove 40 minutes to a great little beachtown called Karrebæksminde in southwest off Seeland.

The sand was warm and white. And we spent 4 happy hours there building sandcastles, eating giant icecreams and playing in the sea. Pure bliss.

There is just something magical about being on the beach. The sound off the waves chrashing is so calming. Even D went calm. He sat between my legs for 20 minutes just relaxing. Looking at the sea. This is rare. To see him so calm. Something is happening right now with him. He is growing mentally really fast. These little pockets off calm is really nice for the whole family.

I can’t help comparing this new calmness to the hectic energy he displayed at the beach in Thailand just six months ago. What a difference. Back then he was always running away, throwing his toys in the water, and not being able to sit still without his Ipad.

 No surprise, I like this change.

Hugs from Copenhagen XO

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